Monrovia - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

A "shopping mall" was built in Mamba Point by the Chinese when I was there, but it quickly turned into a "white elephant". There are some very cool local art stalls in Mamba Point, and I really enjoyed those. I bought a number of masks and paintings that I still display on my walls. - Oct 2021

This is not a shopping post. There are local handicrafts but only a few outstanding pieces. Your best bet is to have something made for you. There are many artisans who love to make commission pieces and the quality is usually much better. - Aug 2019

Not a lot, but the Embassy puts on markets which are nice. - Aug 2019

Not really. The fabric, lappa, is unique and colorful. Bosh Bosh and Resurrection Bags make nice souvenirs to give as gifts. The handicraft trade is lacking here. - Aug 2019

No. - Nov 2017

Definitely not a shopping post, but there are some very interesting and uniquely Liberian crafts - anything made with lappa (wax print fabric), quilts (lappa fabric and African designs but employing Southern USA quilting patterns - interesting given Liberia's history), and bookshelves/bars made out of old canoes are popular among expats. - Jun 2016

African fabric (lapa) and clothes and bags made from lapa, wood carvings, baskets. - Aug 2015

If you like African paintings and wood carvings, there are plenty. Some say a lot of the carvings are imported from China and not really local. Colorful fabrics. - Dec 2013

There are paintings and tribal masks and jewelry you can purchase. There are shops around the embassy, but as they know most people that buy from them are TDYers, they are quite a bit overpriced. Search around a bit. - Dec 2012

Tribal masks, quilts, funky sculptures made from reclaimed AK-47s, wood carvings, having clothes made from the funky printed fabrics. - Aug 2010

Very little. Many crafts are brought in from neighboring Guinea. There are some locally-crafted masks and textiles. - Jul 2009

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