Monrovia - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Depends on your job. Generally, dress is very informal. As opposed to my other posts, I can count on one hand the number of times I wore a suit. The ambassador routinely wore informal Liberian lappa garb. Much of this has to do with practicality; hot and humid weather. - Oct 2021

Dress is very informal. You are in an African nation with their own style but most people are dressed in western fashions. It is hot and humid and although you will see jackets and ties usually only government officials dress that way for business. - Aug 2019

Business and business casual are appropriate depending on the office you work in. - Aug 2019

'Business casual'? Suits are rare outside of senior government. - Nov 2017

Dress code is typically business casual in embassies and government offices and fairly casual with NGOs/USAID partners. Liberians are smart dressers and there are occasions for formal dress both in the embassy community and in the community at large. - Jun 2016

Affluent Liberians are snappy dressers, but with the heat and humidity, lack of infrastructure, and lots of rain, business attire is a little more relaxed than it is in New York or Washington or London. Liberian society is a little bit more conservative about women covering up than the U.S. or Europe would be, but within Monrovia you can pretty much see everything, and most expats wear whatever they want without any trouble that I noticed. Dry cleaning services are available but highly inconsistent quality. - Aug 2015

Casual. - Dec 2013

From Buisiness to Business Casual. Fridays at the embassy are casual. - Dec 2012

Business suits for official functions; otherwise business casual - polos and khakis. It's hot and humid, so bring comfortable clothes. - Aug 2010

Embassy dress is business attire, although a tad more relaxed. Men usually have a tie and jacket in their office if required for meetings. Women generally wear suits or dresses. Nylons and closed-toe shoes are not currently required. - Jul 2009

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