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What English-language religious services are available locally?

I believe there is a Catholic church and a number of Evangelical Christian-type Liberian churches, as well as a mosque. - Oct 2021

This is an English-speaking country so language is not a problem. It is also a Christen country so there are a lot of churches but a service can be quite an experience. Church for the locals is a whole day experience. There are mosques but I do not know about other religions. - Aug 2019

This is an English-speaking country so it is possible to go to a local church. There is an expat Catholic congregation. - Aug 2019

Certainly there are Catholic and Anglican churches, SDA and probably many more. This is a country where religion is big. - Nov 2017

Liberia is a VERY religious country and an English speaking country so no problems here. I have not personally attended any religious services beyond a few events for colleagues. - Jun 2016

All Christian and Mormon. Nothing for anyone else. - Dec 2013

Christian churches are everywhere. If you spin around 10 times and throw a rock, you could probably hit one. To my understanding, it's pretty much all Baptist. - Dec 2012

Everything under the sun. There are lots of missionaries of many denominations. - Aug 2010

Yes - most denominations: Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Muslim, Jewish, Seventh Day Adventist, Latter Day Saints, Jehovah Witness, etc. - Jul 2009

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