Monrovia - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Generally, I would say that it is not a good city for anyone. If you have a strong, stable partnership in place, you'll fare better than most. - Oct 2021

I think this is a hard city for anyone. There are always some options but not a lot. You have only a limited amount of entertainment possibilities so your social life is what you make it. - Aug 2019

Families with young children like it here; I wouldn't want to live here with older children as there is not a lot going on. - Aug 2019

Because a lot of entertainment is self-made, all demographics seem to do well here. Our young family community is very tight-knit. - Aug 2019

Any of the above who are reasonably adventurous outgoing and not too fussy will be fine. - Nov 2017

There are a number of young single people, couples, and families with small children, particularly given the overall size of the city. For all of the categories you need to be prepared to proactively search for things to do and be willing to make your own fun. If you are willing to do that, it can be a very rewarding place. - Jun 2016

Not a lot to do. A few reasonable restaurants. No real cultural scene. Beaches and camping if you can get away. A few 'dance' clubs, you would be hard pressed to call them night clubs. A few pick up sports groups, like Rugby and Frisbee. - Dec 2013

This city is what you make of it, family wise. I will say that as a single, it is very boring. There are a couple of bars and clubs, but nothing that I would have any interest in going to, especially if I want to keep my wallet. For couples, it can be nice if both work, but to my understanding, it can be very boring to stay at home all the time. - Dec 2012

Couples and singles were the bulk of the embassy community. A few familiies with infants. - Aug 2010

At present, Monrovia is an adults-dependent only post, although this may be changing in the coming months, with personnel allowed to bring their children to post. While I do not have children, medical care and education are extremely limited and I would not choose to bring a child here. Couples and singles seem to do best here. - Jul 2009

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