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While the winters might take some adjusting (sun rises at 8:30am and sets by 4pm), I think you will find life in lithuania can be quite comfortable. We were thrilled to find that with a little effort, you can find some great hiking trails at various regional and national parks. There are also many green spaces and parks throughout the city and people love to be active and outdoors no matter the time of year. Life is rather easy here – there are grocery delivery services, meal delivery (like Uber Eats), and due to the pandemic virtually all local businesses now offer at-home delivery for anything you can think of (pharmacy, home goods, garden supplies, clothing, etc.). Western food products have begun creeping into the market more and more, although you will pay a pretty penny for them. Summers are mild and make the Baltics a lovely place to explore; Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Finland are all very easy to travel to and you come to love the feel of this region which is distinctly different than the rest of Europe. Vilnius, as a capital city, is safe and the perfect size to navigate on foot. Public transportation is incredibly easy, reliable, and safe; both myself and my two daughters used it frequently for two years (until the pandemic hit) with no problems. Most families have a cleaner and pay approximately 50 euro for four hour block of cleaning time. While every country and post has its quirks, I would say Lithuania was an easy transition for us and set the bar very high for any follow on posts. We love our home here and are going to look back very fondly on our time in this beautiful country! I would definitely recommend Vilnius for someone looking for an easy post. - Sep 2020

Take some time to get used to the local mindset and the manners's very off-putting at the start, but as soon as you join the club, everything gets easier. This is a GREAT post and I would definitely come back. Don't overlook it. - Jun 2013

Vilnius is a lovely place to live. It is small, safe, and not-too-expensive compared to other European capitals. - May 2009

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