Vilnius - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your housing like? What are typical housing sizes, locations, and commute times for expatriates?

We are a family of five and are living in a house not far from Vingis Park. Most families that have four family members should expect to live in an apartment. - Feb 2021

We live in a large home with large yard. The upkeep can be a burden as there really are no gardeners here - most Lithuanians care for their own yards and so the gardeners that we have been able to find were incredibly expensive (ex. 200 euro to trim lavender bushes and seed the lawn - not including supplies). Apartments are centrally-located and for the most part have decent storage, though not all. - Sep 2020

Housing is good. Families 4 and under will get apartments. Larger families live in town homes. Very large families will live in stand alone homes a bit further from the Embassy. The housing is all very nice. - Oct 2019

Eastern European/post-Soviet, with a diverse selection of housing. Some private houses, some apartments. Commute times are reasonable because it's a small city, so some expats live in the country by choice. - Mar 2017

Apartments and a few single-family homes for particularly large families. Commute is 10-45 min by foot and 10-15 min by car. Parking is limited. Most people walk, carpool or take a daily taxi. Apartments are nice but not huge. Not much room for entertaining but space for friends or family to visit. Like most of Europe, smaller kitchens and appliances are standard. ook some adjustment to get used to having a tiny freezer as I've typically cooked and frozen lots of meals periodically. Still, really nothing to complain about. - Mar 2017

We have a two-bedroom, two-bath townhouse in the heart of Old Town with just a 15-minute walk to work. Some singles and couples without kids live closer to work, but father from Old Town (like a 5-minute walk to work), larger houses seem to be within a 10-15 minute drive. People seem happy with housing - nothing in Vilnius is very far from anything. - Aug 2015

Awesome apartments right in Old Town and great single-family homes outside the city. Commute time varies from a 10-minute walk to a 45-minute drive. Traffic can be a bear until you learn the short cuts, but if you get caught in it...oh, well. - Jun 2013

The housing pool is excellent with a mix of apartments within a five to 10 minute walk to the embassy and houses a 15 minute drive. - Feb 2011

The embassy housing pool is great. Many of the apartments are centrally-located and have fabulous views. The houses are large, and some have interesting amenities such as indoor pools and saunas. - May 2009

Apartments are a 5-minute walk from the Embassy. Houses are 10-15 minutes away without traffic, easily 30-45 minutes during rush hour because of poor road conditions and traffic engineering issues. - Nov 2008

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