Vilnius - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

So many different delivery services (WOLT (Take away service), Barbora (grocery delivery) IKEA delivers, Last Mile app). Literally if you can think about it, it can be delivered (BIG thanks to COVID for that!) - Feb 2021

You really won't get tired of trying all the different restaurants here. The city's official tourism office has a great 50 best restaurants booklet that highlights some pretty awesome restaurants. Seriously, if you're a foodie, you've come to the right city! You can just eat your way through this town. Bonus: you can also order from home and get food delivered to your doorstep. - Sep 2020

You can get most cuisines in Vilnius. Mexican food is lacking, but you can go out for great meals and great prices. Wolt is also awesome, they deliver for 1-3 Euros. - Oct 2019

We don't eat out much, but there are a million pizza places and coffee shops, sandwiches, subway, restaurants from low to high-end. The only cuisine I haven't found a satisfactory outlet for yet is Chinese, but I have only tried a few. - Mar 2017

Lots of great restaurants. Without alcohol, you have lots of lunch options for 5 euros and lots of dinner options for 10-15 euros. Lithuanian food is available everywhere. In terms of international cuisine -- good burgers, pizza, some okay Indian and Asian-fusion, a couple fast-food sushi spots. One good Mexican restaurant but it's more expensive than other places so saved for special occasions. Take-out is almost always offered. There is a delivery service for groceries, not sure about prepared foods. No Starbucks, but they have several local chains with coffee-to-go. - Mar 2017

There is a wonderful array of restaurants at very affordable prices. They are a bit lacking in authentic cuisines of the Asian persuasion, though, and I haven't found great burritos anywhere yet. - Aug 2015

McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut...a smidgen more expensive than in the US. - Jun 2013

KFC, McDonald's and Pizza Hut are here as well as the local "Cili" chain and take-out kebab places. There is a Mexican restaurant run by Mexicans and an Indian restaurant run by Indians. You can also find sushi, French, Belgian, Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese food. None of it will wow foodies, but all are okay for when you've had enough traditional Lithuanian fare. - Feb 2011

McDonald's, KFC, tons of pizza places. There are delicious restaurants all over town. - May 2009

There are 5 McDonald's in Vilnius, but you need to drive 60 miles to a Pizza Hut or KFC in Kaunas (the 2nd city). - Nov 2008

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