Vilnius - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Mild summer with a TON of sun, long, cold, dark winter, with a lot of snow. - Feb 2021

Winters = long and cold Springs = gorgeous Summers = mild and nice Fall = chilly and beautiful - Oct 2019

Cold/cool, but not that snowy. In general there are clouds and rain, but it's not that the sun never shines. I'd say normal Central European... - Mar 2017

Summers are lovely -- 70s, long daylight hours, rain shows common but not for days on end. First snow this year was Nov 1. We had about 2 weeks that were below 0F, and about four months that were almost always below 32. Snow is frequent but not deep. Rarely more than 4 inches at a time. If you're from the northern part of the U.S., this is not a big deal, just bring ample winter clothing and layers. YakTracks or something of the sort are an essential. Lithuanians still come out in the winter, lots of people walking and going to outside events. Definitely need a good rain jacket for the other three seasons. - Mar 2017

Perfect if you don't like to be hot - winter gets cold (sometimes very very very cold) and dark, but if you have the right gear, it's not big deal. Summers are delightful: lots of sunshine, long days, never too hot. - Aug 2015

It's like a New England Summer followed by a Minnesota winter. The winter is overcast for weeks on end, and it doesn't get bright until after 0830 in the morning. And then it gets dark before 5 pm. Conversely, there is 18+ hours of daylight in the summer, and you can really get a lot done. It does rain, of course, but not nearly as much as we had been led to believe. Again, think New England. - Jun 2013

Summer is mild to hot, with temperatures reaching the 90s. Winter is long, dark and cold with snow lasting from October through March. - Feb 2011

It can get cold here, although Lithuanians indicate that the severity of winters has waned noticeably. Nevertheless, the precipitation requires good, warm clothing. Summers are mostly delightful, but it can be chilly (45 to 55 degrees) in the mornings and evenings throughout the summer. - May 2009

Mild summers, rainy autumns, brutally COLD winters. - Nov 2008

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