Vilnius - Post Report Question and Answers

How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

You don't really need any...English is basically the new second language. - Feb 2021

You can learn lithuanian at Vilnius University or Lingua Lituanica; both are great language schools. I took three semesters at Vilnius University and highly recommend their instruction. If you're at the embassy, there is a post language program and you can choose to learn Russian or Lithuanian - Sep 2020

Downtown, no English is needed. At the grocery store, outside of Vilnius, medical appointments require some Lithuanian, Polish, or Russian. - Oct 2019

It is easy to get by without Lithuanian. Russian can be useful, but most Lithuanians under 30 speak English, often well. - Mar 2017

You can get by with a few greetings. There are also local classes and tutors available affordably. Just about anybody who doesn't speak English speaks Russian so you can make use of that skill if you have it. That said, if you take the FSI course and get to at least a 1-1, that will help make life a little easier. - Mar 2017

In Vilnius almost everyone speaks English. If you travel to more remote areas, you'll need some basic Lithuanian or Russian (when dealing with the 30+ age crowd) to get by. - Aug 2015

You can get by with just English, but having rudimentary Lithuanian or Russian will make your life much much easier. You're in their country and they expect you to know their language. - Jun 2013

None, although some Lithuanian makes life easier. The older generation speaks Russian while the 30-and under set all speak at least a little English. - Feb 2011

You can get by with English for shopping trips. Most of the younger people speak at least some English. But to really immerse yourself in the culture, you really need to speak Lithuanian. - May 2009

The basics help at the grocery store. If you know Russian, most people will speak to you. - Nov 2008

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