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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

We pay about 1000 Euro a month for a full-time nanny. - Feb 2021

We pay 50 euro for our cleaner to come once a week for four hours. - Sep 2020

Domestic help is surprisingly expensive when compared to local wages. Think 10 Euros an hour and up. - Oct 2019

Some people have nannies. I would say it's not like countries where household help is cheap, but it's more common than in West European capitals to have at least a cleaner weekly. - Mar 2017

Household cleaning is about 50 euros for 3-4 hrs. Many people have someone come every other week at that rate. It would be nice if an expat opened a dog walking service. That's hard to find here. - Mar 2017

We have a lady who cleans our house for four hours once weekly - not cheap but not cost prohibitive. - Aug 2015

Not easy to find, and usually snapped up as soon as a reliable one becomes available. Pay varies from 10Lt - 25 Lt per hour. I have heard that you can find a nanny or a housekeeper, but finding one person who will do both is nearly impossible...unless you can get our Yuki. She's always booked out, though. The CLO office has not compiled a list of nannies, and demand outweighs supply, so please do your homework and begin your search long before you arrive. - Jun 2013

English-speaking domestic help is available in the US$6/hour range. - Feb 2011

You can find domestic help, but it is expensive. - May 2009

Available, but not cheap. - Nov 2008

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