Brasilia - Post Report Question and Answers

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Sometimes people think that Rio or Sao Paulo are more glamorous, but they do have their own pitfalls such as crime or traffic congestion. Brasilia is great for those with kids/families that enjoy a good walk with perfect weather, and get an ice cream at the local shop. - Oct 2021

Overall, our only challenge has been schooling--especially for our eldest child. - May 2016

The spousal employment situation is very very bad, and there are a lot of discontented people on that account. My husband dealt with it by becoming an avid golfer, but it's VERY frustrating for many. - Aug 2015

Customs here is a nightmare. We did not get our UAB for three months and our HHE for four months. And that is considered average to good. - Dec 2011

Brasilia is a great post. It has overcome the issues that you may have heard about in the past. That said, do be aware that it is expensive, and that the bureaucracy here takes a good deal of tolerance. So far, it seems worth it. - Aug 2011

Before going, browse,, and If there's something you can't live without and you don't find it there, pack it in your HHE, because it'll be hard to find anywhere else. - Dec 2009

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