Brasilia - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Common sense is all you need. We have not had any problems with crime in the two years we have been here, but we are not careless about checking our surroundings and avoiding certain areas. Same as living in any major city in the US. - Oct 2021

The security concerns are about the same as living in the US. In addition, there have been occasional burlaries and one car-jacking during my time. - May 2020

It may seem safe, but always be vigilant. - May 2017

Nothing beyond the general caution you should exercise in any city. Petty crimes do occur, of course. In all honesty, driving here poses perhaps the largest threat to personal security. Accidents are extremely common and you have to drive very defensively. - May 2017

I feel safe, and haven't had any issues, but follow RSO directions. Also, if traveling, ask RSO about the area before you go, if there is s consulate in the area, reach out to them as well. Also, ask questions on the above FB pages about road conditions, hotels, etc before you go. - Mar 2017

We haven't had issues, but I have heard of bikes being stolen and housebreak ins, etc. Don't leave bikes/shoes/scooters, etc. visible from the street. - May 2016

We have heard of houses being broken into, and in our apartment areas one hears stories, but I feel no danger. I bike a lot and hear stories of bikes being stolen, but usually that is out in the satellite cities. - Aug 2015

We've been told there is a risk for houses getting broken into, but we have not personally heard of this experience happening to anyone we know while here. There have been some robberies we've heard of around town. Although it's generally safe, precaution should be taken, as with any city. - Aug 2015

Not really. Keep an eye out for pockpockets and stay in groups at night - safer than NOVA or DC, I'd say. - Aug 2015

House break-ins or attempts are frequent (3-5 per year just within our community). Normally it happens when the occupants are not at home, so they are not typically violent. Apartment break-ins are very rare. Normal big city pickpocketing type crime is common at large events. There are areas we are not allowed to go to after dark, in the satellite cities. - Jun 2014

By mid-2012, crime statistics had steadily been on the rise in Brasilia, including some "quick-nappings" and muggings. It appears as though Brasilia's long-standing reputation as a peaceful and safe city might be coming to an end, but it still hadn't reached crime-wave proportions. There was also a growing population of crack addicts near the downtown bus station and a slight resurgence in the presence of landless peasants squatting in a few of Brasilia's wooded public lots. - Sep 2012

Robberies, home invasions, credit card theft, although we have never had a problem. We follow the RSO's guidelines and are very careful. - Dec 2011

None that I have seen. - Aug 2011

Not many. The houses come equiped with a high fence, bars on the windows and alarm. We also had a security patrol monitoring houses. However, the neighborhood was safe (I felt comfortable driving around and walking around with my kids) and there were few repots of break-ins. - Dec 2009

Yes. - Nov 2009

Crime in Brasilia is very low compared to Rio, Sao Paulo, and Recife. In the past year we had a couple of homes that were burglarized. - Jun 2009

There are house burglaries sometimes. The embassy has a good security network. - Aug 2008

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