Brasilia - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the air quality like at post (good/moderate/bad)? Are there seasonal air quality issues? Does the air quality have an impact on health?

Excellent air quality with clear blues skies most of the year and awesome temperate weather. It does get pretty dry for several months and it affects some people with dry eyes/throat. - Oct 2021

Air quality is good at post. - May 2020

The air, and the weather in general here is very good. There is a very high quality of life here. During the dry season (June-Sept) the air can be brutally dry and you need to use a humidifier, but mostly its very pleasant. - May 2017

The air quality is quite good. There is a dry and a wet season in Brasilia. I would say that the dry season has a stronger impact on health--you have to be careful to drink enough water, use humidifiers at home, etc. - May 2017

Good. It gets really hot and dry between May and December, bring a couple of humidifiers. - Mar 2017

Normally excellent. Brasilia is a quiet place. During the dry season there are fires that can send ash in the air. Other than that, no problems. - May 2016

I find the air quality excellent, but that's comparing it to Cairo. - Aug 2015

Generally really good, unless there's a controlled burn going on in your area, or your neighbor decides to burn leaves, trash, whatnot in your backyard. - Aug 2015

Great air quality. - Aug 2015

Good air quality nearly always. In the dry season, there can be fires which cause some smoke but these are not too frequent. - Jun 2014

Clean. There's traffic pollution in the suburbs, and old buses that belch diesel fumes on Brasilia's main thoroughfares, but nothing approaching the levels of most cities of comparable size. Some people are affected by the extreme dryness typical of June - September. - Sep 2012

The air quality is generally pretty good, except for in August/Sept. when it's so dry that fires are easily started and spread. - Dec 2011

Fine. People complain of dryness in the dry season, and wetness in the wet season. There is no industrial or car pollution whatsoever. - Aug 2011

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