Brasilia - Post Report Question and Answers

What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

We have enjoyed the wonderful weather in Brasilia and relaxed lifestyle. Trips to Rio, the Amazon and Iguazu falls are amazing memories. - Oct 2021

I've only taken a few trips - Foz do Iguacu, Rio, the Pantanal and some local trips to see the waterfall. I've loved them all. Travel is one of the highlights of living in Brazil. It is best to book flights early to get the best prices. And hotel rooms are frequently booked out early on local holidays. - May 2020

I travel a lot throughout Brazil for my job, so I've gotten to see more than most Americans. It's a huge and diverse country, so its hard to pick favorites, as everything is interesting in its own right. Brazil 101 -Rio, Sao Paulo, Foz de Igauco. Around Brasilia, you must got to Chapadas and Pirenopolis. My favorite city in Brazil is Curitiba due to its unique urban planning and European feel. I really enjoyed a vacation to the Amazon. Each region has its own special culture and vibe. You won't be able to see it all, but try to make it to each region at least once. - May 2017

We love traveling to Chapada dos Veadeiros, north of the city. We have spent a great deal of time exploring, hiking, and swimming in waterfalls there. We also have enjoyed traveling to Pirenopolis. - May 2017

So far, we have beem to Rio, Porto Allegre, and Recife. We have enjoyed all three. Plan on doing a lot more travel - Mar 2017

We enjoy Brasilia and the country enormously. Travel options abound and are inexpensive. Very often there is a working fazenda (working farm) or a pousada (B&B) to stay that is nice, rustic, and safe on the road. We take a lot of road trips, enjoy the countryside and the night sky, the kids ride horses, cliff jump and play football. We know and like our neighbors--it is a perfect place for a family. - May 2016

Outdoor activities. We hike, bike, swim, dance, and do yoga. After living six years in the Muslim world, I love being outdoors and having no one paying attention to what I'm wearing. - Aug 2015

Traveling around Brazil and South America. Flights within Brazil are reasonable, although flights to outside of Brazil can be long (no direct flights from BSB) and not as cheap. - Aug 2015

Fruit trees in my yard are wonderful. Again, the temperature is always pretty perfect. I enjoy learning languages, so the part where noone speaks English has een good for me to learn faster. The people are very welcoming and kind. - Aug 2015

Major sporting events - World Cup is on right now and is great fun. We've had some good times visiting waterfalls and hiking areas in the Brasilia region - we love the outdoors. We visited Rio, which was lovely. - Jun 2014

Brasilia has a lot of fun architecture and monuments hidden throughout, and the city itself is a lesson in 1960's urban planning. Living there makes you feel like you are part of a bizarre and audacious social experiment, one that works quite well in fact, though not without flaws. If you stay in Brasilia long enough, you will come to decipher its logical yet complicated address system of cardinal directions and numbered Superblocks, and you will feel like you are some kind of code-breaking genius. Brasilia is surrounded by a fascinating natural biome called the "cerrado" where interesting plant and animal life abound, and small colonial towns like Pirenopolis and Cidade de Goias make for fun weekend getaways. - Sep 2012

The weather, meeting new people, travel outside of Brasilia. - Dec 2011

We have not been here too long. Rio is great. Haven't seen too much else as we have been enjoying Brasilia so much. Air travel is horridly expensive at the last minute, but cheap if you shop in advance. - Aug 2011

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