Brasilia - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

If you like quiet locations and decent traffic this is the city for you. There are also lots of parks for weekend exercise and relaxation. - May 2020

Direct flights to most other cities in Brazil. The sky is gorgeous. The people are friendly. - May 2017

Lack of major traffic, climate, child-friendly environment, cost of living. - May 2017

The weather is remarkable all year round. Because Brasilia is on a plateau, it never gets too hot during the summer. 70's to 80's (Fahrenheit) year round with wet and dry seasons that are easy to tolerate. - May 2016

The weather, saving money, the outdoors, the weather...did I mention the weather? - Aug 2015

Weather is amazing; services are cheaper than they would be if you were in the U.S.; affordable household help; lots of outdoor activities to do; it's great for families. - Aug 2015

The weather is awesome year around. The dry season does get really dry, but it is managable with humidifiers in bedrooms. You might be able to save some money here, since there is very little to do, other than go to movies and restaurants. - Aug 2015

The weather in Brasilia is fantastic. The rainy season is October-May but it is really not that extreme. Dry season can be very, very dry but the temperature is almost always pleasant. The lifestyle in Brasilia is also very chill and, in general, housing is nice. Outdoor living and outdoor activities are very common here and enjoyable. - Jun 2014

The biggest advantage of being in Brasilia is that you are just one non-stop flight away from anywhere in Brazil. The Brasilia airport is easy to navigate and close to the city, and the airfare is affordable if bought in advance---although it very rarely reaches "discount" airfare prices. The weather in Brasilia is also a big plus---it feels like living in Palm Springs most of the year, with a four-month rainy season that leaves you feeling like you live in Miami. - Sep 2012

The weather is perfect. Rarely too hot, rarely cold at all. Low 70s to mid 80s usually. In the rainy season, it's more humid, but the rains cool everything down and don't usually last long. - Dec 2011

It is pleasant here...easy. Suburban bliss, even in the "city". Brasilia is foreign enough to be interesting, but "normal" enough to keep things drama-free. - Aug 2011

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