Brasilia - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yes, actually pretty good. Claro and Vivo are the two major ones. You do need to first have a "CPF" which is their identification system in Brazil, but the embassy helps you get that ahead of time prior to arrival - Oct 2021

CLARO is quite affordable. The US Embassy will set it up before arrival as it is very slow to arrange otherwise. They offer three price levels of service and programs. Some people also use another company. - May 2020

Yes. It takes a few days, but it works okay. Sometimes it will go down, but it usually runs pretty well. You have to pay for the larger package though. - May 2017

Yes, it is. It did not take excessively long to install after arrival. - May 2017

Yes. Some areas of the city have difficulty with the service. The embassy coordinated the install when we moved in, and we had it same day. As soon as you are at post and have your move-in date, start working to get the install date coordinated - Mar 2017

Yes--it keeps getting cheaper with the falling Real. I think we pay $80/month for NET and we have an upper level plan. - May 2016

It is available but I'm not sure of the cost. - Aug 2015

There are internet packages available, depending on the speed and the amount of data you want per month. Phone, internet (we have one of the fastest speeds available), and cable + HBO, is about R$350/month (US$110) - Aug 2015

Yes. Internet and cable package starts at aboutUS $60/month (it was $90 when the exchange rate was worse). It can get slow on cold days when everyone is cooped up in their houses, but most days streaming video works great on multiple devices at the same time. - Aug 2015

Yes. Cost and quality of service varies widely. We have a cable TV/Internet package with 10MB speed and it costs around US$110/month. For us, it is quite reliable, but I have heard of others who have had major problems with outages and crappy speed. Sometimes we have trouble watching Netflix or Amazon Prime videos, but usually it is OK. Much higher data packages are available too. - Jun 2014

Yes, and it's expensive. An Internet/Cable package from NET, for example, runs about R$280/month. - Sep 2012

In some areas, and it's sporadic. Similar to us prices - Dec 2011

Fast. Around the price in the US. The embassy helps you set it up. I bought the 5-meg package and benchmark 10-meg! It was set up in days, and they swung it from the temp apartment to the house in a day. - Aug 2011

Yes, we had dsl. It was okay, although we went through several routers since they tend to burn due to the electric shocks on the telephone lines. The cost is higher than in the US. - Dec 2009

Yes. We had a plan for phone, cable TV and internet that was reliable and, if I remember right, cost just over 100$CAD a month. - Nov 2009

Yes. Same as in U.S. - Jun 2009

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