Brasilia - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Yes. Brazilians are very open and tolerant. - May 2017

Though I cannot speak from a personal perspective, I have several gay friends who seem very happy here in Brasilia. The city is very accepting of LGBTQs and there are also a few gay bars in the city. I get the impression it is a rather gay-friendly place. - May 2017

We have a pretty strong LGBTQ group at the US Embassy, but Brazil, as a country, is fairly conservative with their idea of man / woman relationships. But I personally have not seen any discrimination in Brasilia and there are a couple of gay clubes. - Mar 2017

I think so and certainly within our Embassy community. Brazilians are starting to improve in this area. - May 2016

I think so. Brazilians are pretty open minded. - Aug 2015

I think so. They seem very open here from what I can see. - Aug 2015

Brasilia has a solid and consistent array of venues for LGBT nightlife, and a gay or lesbian couple probably won't be treated any differently than a heterosexual couple in just about all social settings (evangelical churches excluded). I feel Brasilienses have a tendency to tolerate and/or ignore most strangers around them, regardless of what those strangers are doing or talking about. Because the LGBT scene (or "GLS," as it is known in Brazil) is smaller in Brasilia than in most Brazilian cities, many otherwise straight bars and nightclubs operate a "GLS night" one night a week, so at least one option is always available. On the weekends, there are dance clubs (boates) that seem to open and then go out of business on a 6-month rotation in either the industrial sector (setor de oficinas) or club sector of the city. There's also a pretty big bohemian cafe scene, and classic cafes like Beirut, Cafe Savana, and Cafe Balaio are always LGBT friendly, and regularly LGBT dominated. Because the "S" (sympathizers) in the "GLS" abbreviation is quite a significant population in Brasilia, you are bound to find that about 10-20% of the public at any LGBT venue are straight (including both women and men), which creates a welcoming and truly diverse atmosphere, but could eventually end in disappointment. - Sep 2012

I have a few gay friends here who seem pretty happy, but aren't into the club scene, so I can't comment on that. - Dec 2011

I am not sure. I know the mission is very supportive (for example, winning major battles recently in getting same-sex partners on LES insurance). - Aug 2011

Brazilians are very open and accepting, but other than that I can't really say much on the subject. - Dec 2009

Brazilians are very tolerant. - Aug 2008

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