Brasilia - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

We use the embassy pouch/DPO. Thee is also Fedex and the internal version of Fedex as well. - Oct 2021

DPO. - May 2020

USG diplomatic pouch mail. - May 2017

We do this through the embassy. - May 2017

DPO. There is also diplomatic pouch, but it goes through Rio so it is not the preferred method. Be prepared for delays though. From the warehouse in Dulles, it goes to Portugal, then to São Paulo, then to Brasilia. Then you have customs, and mailroom sort (which they do fairly quickly). It can take as little as a week, or as long as 6 weeks. Especially around Christmas. If packages aren't ordered and shipped by first week of November, you may not get it by Christmas as there is a significant delay. - Mar 2017

Diplomatic Post Office (DPO). - May 2016

Diplomatic pouch takes three weeks, more or less. - Aug 2015

We use diplomatic pouch and packages come in about 2-4 weeks after they reach the pouch facility in the States. Sending a letter or package from here to the U.S. takes a lot longer though - at least a month or two. Plan on bringing stamps. - Aug 2015

Pouch post. There is APO, but you aren't supposed to use it except for letters and if there is a special reason. - Aug 2015

We are able to use the U.S. Diplomatic Pouch. It is slow - 2-4 weeks to get anything, sometimes longer. - Jun 2014

DPO and pouch - Dec 2011

Both DPO and pouch. No issues. There were dreadful problems in the past getting mail cleared, but they have been fixed. - Aug 2011

The post has a DPO address (it had an APO until a few months ago). Things take longer to be delivered, but they do make it there. I lost only one package in 2 years. - Dec 2009

We used the dip bag which was slow but reliable. - Nov 2009

APO - Jun 2009

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