Brasilia - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Wide variety at fair prices. - Oct 2021

Yoga and pilates studios are very common. Gyms are also available but I have not checked one out. From the advertising, the gyms seemed reasonable. The US Embassy has a small pool and small gym. My apartment has a small pool and a few pieces of exercise equipment. - May 2020

Brazilians love to exercise. There are gyms all over, including Pilates studios. There is a gym at the US embassy and our building has a small gym (two treadmills and weights) on the roof. Additionally, there are bike path all over the city for biking and running. On Sundays and holidays, the main road through the city closes to all car traffic so people can bike, rollerblade, skateboard, walk, run, walk dogs, etc. It's pretty nice. - May 2017

We tend to use the facilities at the embassy. On Sundays and holidays, the main highway in the city is closed to traffic and many people enjoy exercising there (e.g. biking, inline skating, running, etc.). - May 2017

There are gyms, but are expensive. But there is a small gym at the US Embassy that is free. There are also tennis courts, basketball courts, a small pool, and a small soccer area. In addition, there are currently EFMs that offer hip hop dance classes, pilates, and yoga. Most classes run about $R20 (which is between $6 and $7 USD). - Mar 2017

The are available and expensive. The U.S. Embassy has a small gym and pool, tennis courts and a soccer pitch--and it is free. - May 2016

Tons, all over the city, from tiny to very large, mostly frequented by Brazilians. I don't know the costs because the embassy is like a country club with tennis courts, basketball court, volleyball court and soccer field, a pool, a gym, etc. - Aug 2015

There are gyms, called "Academias" available around. Many of them are located in the Asas, and options in Lago Sul or Lago Norte are a bit more limited. The costs vary - it depends on the type of membership or classes you take. - Aug 2015

The Embassy has a gym, and there are a lot of private gyms for reasonable prices. - Aug 2015

The gym at the U.S. Embassy is free but has limited equipment. Some neighborhood gyms are fairly reasonable (comparable or just above costs in the USA), but the larger gyms which offer more classes and cater to rich Brazilians are crazy expensive (i.e. US$400 month). There are many personal trainers/clubs who offer all sorts of fitness classes from Yoga to Muay Thai to Jui Jitsu. - Jun 2014

Yes. A great gym called SmartFit is opening at locations throughout the city, and for about R$70/month you can have access to state-of-the-art equipment in a comfortable setting---just be prepared to stand in line for a machine. Really nice gyms like BodyTech are available, too, but be prepared to stand in line at your bank; membership fees can exceed R$400/month. An enjoyable (and free) feature in Brasilia is the Parque da Cidade, a great place for running, walking, working out, rollerblading, and people-watching in general. Also, on Sundays the city's main thoroughfare, the Eixao Rodoviario, is closed to traffic and is a fun place to bike or jog, stopping for an occasional coconut water served up by the roadside vendors. - Sep 2012

Yes, expensive. - Dec 2011

Everywhere. - Aug 2011

There are a lot of gyms. Women have branches of international gyms, such as Curves or Contours. The embassy has a pretty nice gym, too. - Dec 2009

Everyone runs around in very skimpy attire (speedo anyone?). The city park is full of runners, joggers, walkers, roller bladers, and so on. - Nov 2009

Plenty - Jun 2009

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