Brasilia - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Many waterfalls 1-3 hours out of Brasilia with varying types of hikes/activities. - Oct 2021

Enjoy the Savannah biome in Brasilia. The birds, plants, flowers, and little monkeys are great. - May 2017

Vagafogo is a "pousada" right outside of Pirenopolis. They have an amazing brunch on Sundays; all of their food is entirely homemade and harvested on their farm. Their whole property is a nature reserve and you can also take a nice leisurely walk through the forest and dip in the river. - May 2017

This land is a true delight to the outdoorsy. You can't find a stone that has been untouched in the US--but you can here. There are still towns where people ride horses as a means of transport--it is like stepping back in time. Near Brasilia you have Chapada Veadeiros, Salto Corumba, Terra Ronca--waterfalls, caves, swimming, biking--all of the outdoor sports you can imagine. - May 2016

We love going to Pirenopolis and to other areas in the Cerrado. Lots of water falls, camping, hiking, mountain biking (ok, technically, hill biking). - Aug 2015

The zoo is quaint. The Jaguar sanctuary is an amusing tour for a day. Crystal hunting in Crystalina is a fun time if you like dirt. There is plenty of mall-style shopping. - Aug 2015

There are some really beautiful parks for hiking and visiting waterfalls nearby, or within a 1-4 hour drive. - Jun 2014

Go hiking at any of the many waterfalls within a 2-hour drive of Brasilia and recreate your own Tarzan-Jane moment. - Sep 2012

Leave town. Caldas Novas, a hot water resort town about four hours away, Pierenopolis, a quaint town with beautiful waterfalls, and a few other places within driving distance, but Brasilia has very few things to do here. - Dec 2011

My house is a resort. Patio, pool, etc. I haven't been out too much, as being home is so fun. - Aug 2011

Not a lot. After visiting the monuments and government buildings, there's not much else to do. You can take a weekend trip to Pirenopolis, a nice quiet town a few miles away. And I'm pretty sure it's great for hiking -- I'm just not the hiking type. Although air travel is expensive, I'd recommend visiting some beach towns, such as Rio, Recife (and nearby Porto de Galinhas) or Salvador (and nearby Praia do Forte). - Dec 2009

Public parks, a amusement park, camping, waterfalls near-by, a hot springs park in driving distance, etc. - Jun 2009

Lots of sports opportunities and there are plenty of restaurants. - Aug 2008

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