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What accommodations do schools make for special-needs kids?

EAB is more developed in this area with a part-time school psychologist, a special education coordinator, etc. That said, they are losing star-quality staff.

EdN is just learning in this area. They are very willing to work with you, and you wield a lot of influence (as there are few international families and they need us), but it is developing. You have to be a strong advocate for your child and be willing to supplement a lot. I don't know about BIS. - May 2016

I think it depends on the school. We have no experience with this but have heard other friends note that some schools are better than others at accommodating special needs kids. - Aug 2015

BIS has the best reputation for helping kids with special needs. - Aug 2015

This really varies. The School of Nations accepts very few special needs children and has little to no staff to work with them. Both EAB and BIS have learning resource teachers who can provide assistance for mild special needs. EAB and BIS will also allow parents to hire learning assistants who help the children in the classroom. There have been quite a few parents who have not been satisfied with either EAB or BIS in this area - in my opinion, the schools just aren't large enough to be able to have adequately trained staff in this area - at least to handle certain needs. - Jun 2014

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