Brasilia - Post Report Question and Answers

Can you save money?

Yep. - May 2016

Absolutely, if you shop at CEASA and cook your own food, don't eat out, and don't buy anything imported. - Aug 2015

You definitely can unless you plan on traveling a lot! - Aug 2015

It is possible if you don't eat out too much or really like cheap Brazilian food. - Aug 2015

It is not easy to save money here because prices are high, travel is expensive, and household help is not particularly cheap. The COLA was raised recently which is helpful. We are saving money but only because we have two incomes here. - Jun 2014

Only by staying in during the week and not traveling on weekends, but where's the fun in that? - Sep 2012

No way. - Dec 2011

Oddly, yes. Just don't buy expensive stuff on impulse (i.e., on the economy) and you'll be fine. Anything you want right away (TV, airline tickets, consumables), you will pay dearly for. - Aug 2011

Yes. - Dec 2009

We did. But we save everywhere, as we are frugal homebodies - Nov 2009

Yes - Jun 2009

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