Brasilia - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Overall the hospitals and the medical care here is pretty good. - Oct 2021

The Zika emergency has ended, but there's still a small risk of other tropical diseases. Wear bug spray when you're out a night. I have had a range of medical care here, from dangerous bad to extremely good. If you're with the USG, always check with the US embassy medical unit before you go to a local doctor. - May 2017

The quality of medical care is very good in Brasilia. I gave birth here and was very pleased with the care I received. We have a local pediatrician and have also seen various specialists and have been very happy with their care, as well. Some women do choose to medically evacuate to give birth back home and there was a concern about Zika, of course. - May 2017

Pretty good. The embassy helps with setting up appointments. Talk to the PA or Regional Dr before having any tests or procedures just to make sure that the one recommended is the right thing for you. - Mar 2017

Zika and dengue are an ongoing concern. There are reasonably good hospitals, doctors and dentists available. - May 2016

None that i know of. I have been seen for lots of medical stuff here, and the quality is good for both doctors and imaging work being done. - Aug 2015

No health concerns that we've come across. Medical care depends on who you find, I guess. We don't have any chronic illnesses in our family, so we've had minimal experience with the health care system. - Aug 2015

Medical care and dental can be good. Get a referral from a friend. There are mosquito-carried illnesses, but no prophylaxis is needed. Just be cautious during the rainy season. - Aug 2015

Not really any specific concerns. For routine issues, quality medical care is available and there are health practitioners who are multi-lingual. Certain more serious issues would probably require a medevac to Sao Paolo or the USA (or another country). - Jun 2014

It seems okay, we have had limited experience. Dengue, sand fly bites which become infected easily. Lots of mosquitos. - Dec 2011

We have a good MED unit, and we have good local hospitals. - Aug 2011

Medical care is great. We had a great pediatrician, and the embassy has a great staff at the Health Unit. - Dec 2009

Not bad. I was pregnant here and found an English-speaking OBGYN for prenatal care. She was good but used very old technology. Listened to heart rate on a monitor that didn't count the beats so she used her experience to know if it sounded right. I did have 3 ultrasounds, though, and that clinic had more advanced technology -- but not 3D. I would be scared to give birth here, though, as they do over 80% c-sections and so few doctors know how to deliver vaginally. And pain medication (i.e. epidural) is almost not heard of -- never mind available. - Nov 2009

No concerns, medical care is good. - Jun 2009

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