Brasilia - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Informal, except for work. - Oct 2021

The dress code at the US embassy is between business and business casual. Men usually wear ties, but no jacket. Women were blouses or dresses. Brazilians are a little more casual in the workplace. Meeting with the government are definitely suit occasions. There are a lot of receptions here and, as a woman, I needed far more formal wear than I ever thought. On trips back to the States I would go to consignment shops to get "new" gowns for various functions. My husband bought a tuxedo from a tux rental place, so he's set. We probably attend 3-4 black tie events per year, with about a half a dozen receptions. - May 2017

Brazilians tend to dress up for daily life--women in dresses and heels, men in suits or at least dress shirt and pants. Formal dress is necessary for certain embassy events. Otherwise, I find the attire similar to urban attire in the States. - May 2017

Typical dress is business casual. I am more laid back, so very obvious that I am not Brazilian. Women typically wear makeup, jewelry (decorative, not expensive), dresses, or jeans /slacks with a nice blouse. Workout clothes are for the gym (another tell tell sign, love my yoga pants), and shorts are for the beach. Shoes - you see a lot of ballet flat type shoes and heels. Sandals as well (flip-flops are usually for downtime).

Men - business casual outside of the embassy. Dressier shorts, polos, t-shirts. - Mar 2017

Brazilians are very dressed-up for work and sometimes will shock you in less formal settings--there is very little cloth in some shorts, shirts and bathing suits. - May 2016

Business casual at work. Brazilians dress nicely, but it's casual in Brasilia when they are out and about. - Aug 2015

Suits and ties at work in the embassy. In public, Brazilians tend to dress up more than Americans, especially the women, so expect to get weird looks if you go out in sweats. - Aug 2015

At the Embassy, officers wear suits or dresses/skirts and blouses. Other employees are business casual. Family members wear jeans or athletic clothing. In public, you can be really casual or dress up really fancy for a night out. - Aug 2015

Depends on your line of work. For work and in public, in general, Brazilians tend to dress smartly. Those involved in diplomatic meetings or business affairs would wear suits or business dresses. Women do not wear flip flops on a regular basis - they are really for beside the pool or on the beach. Men dress sort of similarly in most situations to American men, minus the ball caps and khakis. For going out, sexy dresses or jeans/tops and high heels are the norm for young folks. High heels are somewhat the norm for more mature ladies too. Even when exercising, Brazilian women tend to be rather more well-dressed than Americans would be. Brilliantly colored spandex leggings and white knee high socks are quite in fashion here. - Jun 2014

Work is business attire, public less so, but most Brazilians don't wear shorts, except for the kids. Brazilian women usually wear high heels. - Dec 2011

A bit sharper than elsewhere, but just a bit. We see both suits and flip-flops worn at the embassy. I suspect the locals look aghast at how our people dress (sweat pants!) while we do the same to them (the dude was jogging in a Speedo!). Pack suits in your luggage, though. You'll need them right away for official events. - Aug 2011

It's a bit more relaxed than your typical K Street attire. - Dec 2009

Fairly casual. - Nov 2009

Business casual. - Jun 2009

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