Brasilia - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

I recommend the Hash House Harriers. We met a lot of friends of all nationalities that way when we first arrived. People typically socialize at each others houses or restaurants. There isn't a great deal of nightlife, but I suppose you could find something if you wanted to. I don't know of many night clubs, or places that have live music, but they are occasional concerts at the stadium or on the Esplanada. - May 2017

There is an expat group called Brasilia Connection that meets monthly. There is a Living Brasilia Forum on Facebook that can connect you with a lot of expats, as well. - May 2017

All kinds of groups, they are pretty well advertised FB, events at other embassies. CLO has a list of available groups/ clubs. - Mar 2017

We go to the countryside to see and enjoy the land. - May 2016

There are concerts, and lots of parties, but I am not too plugged into that stuff. - Aug 2015

Go out to dinner, watch movies (in English), go hiking somewhere nearby, visit the monuments, biking, kayaking. Go do dinner parties, have people over for a pool day, etc. - Aug 2015

Have other families over for dinner/pool parties. Be on the embassy softball team and compete against the high shool team. Play volleyball. Happy hour at the Embassy. Go see a movie (most are available in English). Go shopping. - Aug 2015

Backyard BBQs, team sports, watching soccer games, kid's birthday parties, school events, parties at various embassies, Hashing, dinner parties and dinners out. Dancing/Nightclubbing, too (but I have no experience with this!!). - Jun 2014

There are tons of options for eating out, enjoying lake-side revelry, cafe socializing, afternoon samba sessions, outdoor sports and recreation, and all-day BBQ's. Just remember that none of this will be visible at first glance---you have to peek around some corners and dig a little, but once you've found it, you'll realize you've struck the mother load. - Sep 2012

Lots of BBQs, and home parties - Dec 2011

Great restaurants and housing built for entertaining. Your calendar will be full. - Aug 2011

Almost none. - Dec 2009

It is what you make of it. I've heard many horror stories about bars/night clubs, though, so I would stay away from them (muggings when you leave, etc). It is also VERY expensive to travel around Brazil, as the vast distances require you to fly and flights are very expensive. Brasilia is isolated geographically. - Nov 2009

The kids always have play dates or parties to go to. There nice resturants and clubs here. - Jun 2009

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