Brasilia - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Morale is good and people enjoy the outdoors and restaurant/social lifestyle here. - Oct 2021

There is a very large diplomatic community and the morale is very good. A lot of our friends are with other embassies here. Because the quality of life is so good (nice weather, friendly people, lots of exercise opportunities, easy commutes, etc), people really don't really seem to get too down. But, I would say the you have to accept Brasilia for Brasilia. It's not Rio, and its not Sao Paulo and if you compare them, you could get a little blue. - May 2017

The size of the expat community is rather large, since this is the national capital. I would say the morale is rather good for families with children; less so among singles or young couples looking for more exciting nightlife. Sometimes people complain about the lack of activities in Brasilia and the general strangeness of the city--but I truly think it is what you make of it. We have had a very positive experience here. - May 2017

It is fairly large. Attend events at other embassies so you meet people outside of the US embassy. There are also several FB pages for expats in Brazil. The expatriate community in Brasilia is fairly positive, but there are some who are not happy with the lack of metropolitan options in Brasilia. - Mar 2017

The US Embassy is big and morale is high. - May 2016

Seems to be big, and morale seems good. - Aug 2015

There's a large expat community as there's lots of embassies around. They are expat groups for book clubs, running, bible studies etc. - Aug 2015

This is a large embassy community with a few other American expats here with corporations. There are tons of expats from other countries, as well. Lots to do at/with other embassies. EFMs here have a hard time getting jobs, as nearly every job requred a 4/4 in Portuguese (although we get the impression that isn't an FSI 4/4, but more like a 2+/3). But that is still harder for a spouse if language classes aren't available at the FSI, which is the case a lot of the time, other than FAST. People either love it or hate it here. Stay-at-home moms who learn the language and are in a good house love it. - Aug 2015

Medium size expat community with pretty good morale. There is lots of interaction within the dip community. - Jun 2014

Considerable, but it is harder to identify or locate than you'd expect. Lots of diplomats (mostly American, but also some sort of representation from just about everywhere) and a smattering of business people or convention goers that are usually holed up in the hotel sector. - Sep 2012

Pretty big. Brasilia is where all the embassies of the world for Brazil are located. We've met some wonderful expats here. - Dec 2011

Large. This is a government town. - Aug 2011

The embassy is pretty big, but other than that you don't find many expats. - Dec 2009

Sizable. - Nov 2009

Medium size. - Jun 2009

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