Brasilia - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

Overall plans are not expensive and good. we have Claro and happy with it. - Oct 2021

I have a work phone and my husband uses a pay as you go card, which works really well. Everyone here uses WhatsApp. Its the main form of communication. - May 2017

We used a local provider, Vivo. In general, it was rather complicated and involved to get a cell phone account set up here. - May 2017

We kept our provider and phones from the US. Sprint offers a Global plan at no additional cost. The only downside is we both each only get 1GB of free data a month. However, we haven't exceeded at all in 6 months. We didn't get out car until we had been at post for 3.5 months, so we were Ubering everywhere and didn't exceed our usage.

A lot of restaurants have free Wi-Fi and will give you the password if you ask. We have had a few minor hiccups (I broke my phone and had to have my sister get me another in the states so it could be activated and then sent to me) but other than that we have been really happy with it. Especially since we didn't have to change phone #'s, or have two phones like some here do as well. WhatsApp is extremely popular here for communication, highly encourage you download and get familiar with it. Very helpful versus calling. - Mar 2017

Get one. - May 2016

There are many choices, relatively inexpensive. We have Vivo. - Aug 2015

Do not get TIM if you want something reliable. Use Vivo or maybe Claro. Bring your own cell phone that will work overseas because all electronics here are expensive. - Aug 2015

Vivo or Claro, not Tim. The embassy uses TIM for BBs but the service is awful. Vivo works great and has really cheap plans. I have heard Claro is just as good. - Aug 2015

Electronics are crazy expensive here. Try to bring an unblocked phone although you can get a blocked phone unlocked here. There are a wide variety of packages available depending on your needs. - Jun 2014

TIM - Dec 2011

Easy. The embassy will help you, or just go to one of the many stores that sell SIM cards. - Aug 2011

Get a cheap pre-paid phone for local calls. - Dec 2009

I'd get one, as you feel safer if you can call in a time of need, especially if you don't speak Portuguese (as you may need a translator). However, it also makes you a target for mugging. Keep it out of sight. - Nov 2009

No - Jun 2009

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