Brasilia - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

We do not use buses, but taxis and particularly Uber is easy and super cheap. - Oct 2021

We are allowed to take taxis or uber but not buses or other local transportation. Uber is ubiquitous and very affordable. - May 2020

The Regional Security Officer doesn't permit the use of public transport, but the city is really easy to get around. We use Uber, as its safe, affordable, and reliable. - May 2017

We typically use Uber and have found it a safe and affordable mode of transportation. - May 2017

Use Uber if possible. Only use buses, trams, trains if you speak to RSO - follow their recommendations. - Mar 2017

There is Uber and a metro that is really about bringing folks from the satellite cities into town. The buses are used by our domestic staff but I don't think Embassy staff can use them. A car makes life a lot easier. - May 2016

Taxis are safe but expensive. The local subway is cheap, but is only in one section of the city. Uber started up recently, and I hear people raving about their service. Buses, IMHO, are safe and affordable, but RSO says no. A woman who lives with us uses them daily, and it's a cheap and easy way to get around. - Aug 2015

Taxis are safe, buses I've heard are safe, but are not air-conditioned, are cramped, and occasionally has random drunk people riding it and day drinking. The metro is safe, but its route is very limited. - Aug 2015

We are allowed to ride the metro train, but not buses. Taxis are safe, but knowing Portuguese is important unless you have an app, like Easy Taxi. The rates aren't bad, but not super cheap. About a 15 minute ride is US$10. - Aug 2015

Metro is safe during the day and is affordable, but doesn't go many places. Buses are not safe. Taxis are generally safe but not cheap. Probably about the same price as in the USA or a little more. - Jun 2014

Within the city, yes. In the suburbs, less so. Brasilia's Metro is clean, regular, and safe, but it doesn't service much more than one fourth of the city and a few surrounding suburbs. A taxi ride from the airport to the hotel sector will cost you about R$35. - Sep 2012

We were advised not to use public transportation by the RSO - Dec 2011

No. - Aug 2011

Public transportation is affordable. However, other than taxis, the embassy recommends staying away from them. - Dec 2009

I used a taxi a few times without problem. I wouldn't use local buses or trains. Our housekeeper came and went via bus and had many stories of the entire bus being robbed and/or those waiting for the bus. - Nov 2009

Safe and affordable. - Jun 2009

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