Brasilia - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Brasilia is best for families and couples. Not so great for singles. This is not a city with a great nightlife in my experience. - May 2020

I think its a good city for everyone. Families will love the houses, schools and clean air - and Brazilians love kids. Couples (like my husband and I) love the green spaces, opportunities for exercise and our friends. Singles (I would think) would find anything they're interested in. One of my good friends met her husband here and lots of American men and women date Brazilians (and each other). I guess the only downside would be the lack of a popular night-life scene. - May 2017

As mentioned above, the city is best for families. It is relative safe and Brazil is extremely child-friendly. It is not a very exciting city for single people. - May 2017

Better for families. Not much of a bar scene, and getting out of Brazil for travel is limited with the options or prices. - Mar 2017

It is a tranquil city. There are good restaurants, fairs, exhibitions and TONS of outdoor activities. If clubbing is your scene, then spend the weekend in Rio. - May 2016

It depends on what you want to do. There are lots of clubs and restaurants, but I find that most people don't speak much English. So if you can learn Portuguese, there's lots of socializing to do. If you are more of an introvert, like me, there's yoga and meditation, lots of biking groups, running and hiking groups, and lake sports activities. - Aug 2015

The city is great for families - there are lots of family friend things to do, and lots of lessons and clubs available for kids (soccer, judo, jiu jitsu, art, music, horseback riding). I think it' so-so for couples, and OK for singles. It's a quiet city, so don't expect Rio or Sao Paulo-level excitement. - Aug 2015

Families love it. Singles at the Embassy have lots of activities to make up for the lack of stuff to do here. There are regular sports, like volleyball, and dance classes and other stuff. - Aug 2015

Yes, definitely for families. For some singles, it is great, others don't like it. Most couples like it but it really depends on what you make of it. - Jun 2014

The city is excellent for families and fun for young couples. Singles can also have a good time, with the caveat that they must be somewhat adventurous, have a car, and speak Portuguese. - Sep 2012

Very good for young families. For teenagers, there is not a lot to do here but go to parties, and Brazilians tend to hire bartenders to serve the kids alcohol. There is a LOT of teenaged drinking. I was told that Brazilians at EAB were very clicky, and that seems to be true in the younger grades, but the teenagers seem to all get along. My younger children have made no Brazilian friends, but many international ones. - Dec 2011

Brasilia is always talked about as a great family post, and I would agree. For singles, I would suggest that you reach out to others at post and see what they say. All of the singles I know are delighted here. - Aug 2011

It's really good for families with very young children. There are not many things to do around town, so if your life is already confined to your house and a nearby playground, and if your life revolves around nap times, you'll be fine here. I wouldn't recomend this city for young couples, much less for single people. - Dec 2009

That depends on your personality more than anything. You need to make friends or you will be very lonely and isolated. The social scene centres around restaurants (all are very child friendly and many will watch your kids while you eat in peace!) and home around the pool and BBQ. - Nov 2009

Very good for families. Some singles here have a hard time. - Jun 2009

Families, yes. Singles should avoid this post like the plague, in my opinion. - Aug 2008

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