Managua - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

This is a very poor country and unemployment has skyrocketed with the pandemic decimating the tourist industry. You definitely don't want to flaunt your wealth here, and there are certainly places you want to avoid at night. However, if you are aware of your surroundings you should not have any issues. I have never felt unsafe here. - Dec 2021

Nicaragua has high levels of crime, but overall we have felt very safe at post. Take the usual precautions (don't wear flashy jewelry, don't wave your phone around, be aware of surroundings) and you'll be fine. The Pacific coast beach towns where most expats live are safer than Managua. - Jun 2020

While Nicaragua is MUCH safer than Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, there is still pickpocketing, purses and cell phones grabbed by two guys on a motorcycle, etc. Embassy employees have 24 hour guards at their residences which acts as a deterrent. I go walking and running in my neighborhood with no concern. Locals have more problems because they ride the buses and don't have guards at their homes; violent crimes often involve vendettas. A lot of women are killed by their partners or ex-partners. The greatest danger is traffic accidents: two people die every day in Nicaragua from traffic accidents, usually people on motorcycles. - Apr 2018

Robbery is fairly common. It's important to stay within the areas that are known to be safer, especially at night. Being vigilant at all times and taking basic safety precautions are essential. A lot of it is just common sense (always drive with doors locked, keep cash and valuables hidden, etc.) We never let our guard down, and nothing ever happened to us. - Mar 2012

Crime is high here, but if you take normal precausions you shouldn't have a problem, it is non-violent crime. They would rather robe an empty home. Most homes have bars over windows and doors, good locks and alarms. - Mar 2011

Crime is lower than other Central American countries, but security concerns have increased in recent months due to the political and economic situation. Residential robberies and assaults are more frequent than before. Taxi assaults are so common that many expats avoid using them. - Apr 2009

Increasing in Managua but more so in San Juan del Sur which is one of the known tourist destinations in the country. - Mar 2008

Petty crime is on the increase. People had items stolen from their cars. - Feb 2008

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