Managua - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

Most Americans send their children to ANS (American Nicaraguan School) or Lincoln Academy (Catholic-preK thru 12). Our son had a wonderful experience at ANS. The school met US standards on every level. - Mar 2012

Two major international schools preferred by expats. The ANS -- a large K3-12 grade school (1200+ students) and a smaller Catholic school called the Lincoln School. Our second grader is in her second year at the American Nicaraguan School. Our experience is good overall when it comes to academics (maybe at times the curriculum even is overly ambitious), but other areas such as campus, food availability at campus, after-class activities, charities and other events organized by the school leave a lot to be desired. - Apr 2009

The American Nicaragua School is listed as an International School but I found out that it's not. It is what it is exactly, an American (AP) and Nicaraguan (majority of the children are from the elite class) school. We had a very bad experience with bullying there (verbal and physical) and had to move our son when threats escalated to other public places outside school premises. It has happened to others too but those cases were no threats in public. Lincoln Academy in Las Colinas has fewer expat children offers the IB curriculum and there are other less known but good local schools like Pierre Marie Curie where some Dutch, French and other Europeans go to. There are also German, French and Swedish schools as alternatives. Our son is now very happy where he is and we're glad to have moved him. - Mar 2008

Levels of satisfaction vary but one can chose from American Nicaraguan School, Lincoln School (Christian) and Nicaraguan Christian Academy. - Feb 2008

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