Managua - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

There is an excellent hospital in Managua, and many doctors and dentists in the country are US-trained. - Dec 2021

Private hospitals provide adequate care for all but serious emergencies. Some people have even chosen to deliver their babies at the local private hospital instead of medevac'ing to the U.S. - Jun 2020

Not particularly. This year, a lot of people had coughs that lasted six weeks, some stomach issues, I knew of one case of dengue that required hospitalization. There is no malaria in Managua. People seem happy with the pediatric care. There is one modern hospital, but the facility looks more impressive than the actual care. There have been medical evacuations for any type of surgery. I had physical therapy here that I thought was very good. - Apr 2018

There's one good hospital that is just about up to first world standards. Many expat women choose to have their babies here. We saw a few specialists here and were generally satisfied with the care. - Mar 2012

Medical care here is excellent, I had a baby here (c-section) and was very happy, though for hospitalizations the nursing staff is lacking. Doctors and dentists are very good and cheap (compared to the US). - Mar 2011

Respiratory problems are exacerbated with the dust and burning of the fields during the dry season. Dengue is at an epidemic level this year. - Apr 2009

Dengue is prevalent even in Managua. Quallity of medical care for expats is quite good especially at the Vivian Pellas hospital mainly because we can afford it. But we still rely on good recommendations. - Mar 2008

Occasional we have stomach issues but the health unit and Vivian Pellas Hospital are good. - Feb 2008

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