Managua - Post Report Question and Answers

How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

Best to have some Spanish. Locals are friendly and will go out of their way to figure out what you're trying to say in Spanish. Not a lot of English except for the few wealthy Nicas. - Dec 2021

Spanish is essential. Very few people speak more than basic English. - Jun 2020

The more Spanish you have, the more pleasant your stay in Nicaragua. At the same time, Nicaraguans are very patient and will do their best to communicate with you regardless of your level of Spanish. There are affordable tutors/classes. - Apr 2018

The more Spanish you know, the better your experience will be. Few people speak English. - Mar 2012

Spanish, most people do not speak English. - Mar 2011

You must speak Spanish. Not many people understand English, and your maid or gardener will not speak anything but Spanish. In stores and reastuarants you can only get by with Spanish. - Apr 2009

For shopping, you need basic Spanish but in reality, good Spanish is required to live here as very few to none of the locals speak English. It just makes life easier and expands your social circle. - Mar 2008

You need to have basic Spanish at a minimum. - Feb 2008

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