Managua - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Local buses are inexpensive, but crowded and hot. Not recommended. Inter-city buses can be a bit better, but hiring a transfer service is a better way to go. Lots of taxis, just negotiate the fare before you get in. No trains. - Dec 2021

Affordable, yes. Safe, no. Public transportation is off-limits. - Jun 2020

Affordable, but not safe. Embassy employees are not allowed to use them, except for a list of taxis that are more expensive. We have a driver who we can call when our housekeeper does errands for us. - Apr 2018

Local buses are NOT safe. Certain reputable taxis are safe and reasonably priced. - Mar 2012

You wouldn't use the buses, they are packed and not safe for non-locals. Taxis you'd want to get the name of a good one from a friends, they can be dangerous. - Mar 2011

No. No trains. Buses are crowded, not safe and have scarce routes. Taxis are not recommended, except when they are directly connected with a hotel or deal with a known driver. - Apr 2009

There have been increasing reports of cab drivers' complicity with crime elements in the city plus the hassle of negotiating the fare before hand and still end up paying 3 or more times than the locals. Buses are okay but very crowded. Regional buses are dependable, comfortable and affordable to travel in to neighboring countries. - Mar 2008

Taxi's don't have any meters and people have had issues with drivers ripping off non-Nicaraguans. - Feb 2008

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