Harare - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

No, taxis are not allowed. - May 2021

There are safe taxi services you can order by phone or app, but not hail on the road. Locals kombis (minivans)are quite dangerous. - Feb 2020

There are “combi” mini vans, which are dangerous and have become more expensive after the fuel price hikes. I think they may be off limits. Taxis are around, but you have to call them, it’s rare that you could hail one off the street. - Feb 2019

There are local transport vans, which are NOT safe. There is an uber-like company, GTaxi, that is pretty reliable. - Apr 2018

I used a local taxi guy to get the airport. Public transport in general however is far from safe. Lots of deadly crashes especially on the cross-country highway. - Sep 2017

Combibuses are very dangerous - particularly for other road users. Long distance buses are very dangerous due to no maintenance, long hours and over speeding on roads with huge potholes. - Jul 2017

Affordable, yes. Safe, no. - Jul 2017

Public transport consists of minibus shared taxis (kombis) - overcrowded and probably not that safe, but cheap and essential for feeling like a local. Taxis are good - no meters, fares around US$1 per km but negotiable. Get recommendations for 3-4 good taxi drivers and call them direct on the cell phones. They will give you better rats in return for your loyalty. - Apr 2016

Trains and buses are not recommended. They are crowded and the drivers dangerous. Taxis I use quite often, but one should not hail them on the street. The ones from the major hotels are safe, almost always with seat belts. I maintain a list of trusted taxis on my cell phone. U.S. prices. - Dec 2013

No local transportation is safe. Avoid combi's, take taxis at your own risk. - Jul 2013

There are taxis in town, but they're few and far between. You need your own wheels. Couples need two cars. - Jun 2009

Not safe. - Dec 2008

Affordable yes, safe no! - Sep 2008

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