Port Of Spain - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

We are not allowed to take public transportation, so take a car. - Aug 2021

Nope. There is one taxi company that is approved for our use. The Embassy contracts with one private contractor for most driving needs. - Mar 2019

Maxis, which are small buses, are the easiest way to commute to/from POS. The fare into the city ranges from four to seven TTD while the return rate is fixed at seven TTD. Contrary to what many expats think, I consider maxis to be safe. In all my time here, I’ve never experienced any problems or been concerned for my safety.

In addition to maxis, people use "p taxis," which are illegal cabs operated by private citizens. They are convenient and cheap (the fare is typically 5 TTD) but can be dangerous. I only use them when I’m with at least one other person. - Apr 2017

There is not much in the way of public transportation, and none that is recommended by the Embassy. The Maxi-Taxi are a locally used bus service and random cars stop to pick up people. No idea on the cost of that as we are prohibited from using it. Everyone I know has at least one vehicle. - Aug 2016

no, public transportation is not safe. The private taxis are expensive - May 2016

Local transportation is prohibited for U.S. Embassy personnel. Taxis and Maxi's (small vans) are robbed all the time. There have been numerous reports of sexual assaults perpetrated against females riding in private taxis. There are several affordable, reliable, and vetted car services available. - Jun 2015

There are maxi taxis which are vans that drive people around but we are advised not to use them especially at night. - May 2015

Taxis are off limits due to security concerns. Some private car services which will drive you around at premium rates. - Aug 2014

Affordable yes, safe not really; here anyone can stop and pick you up. People will just stand on the street and anyone wanting to charge a fair can stop and pick you up. Women have gotten raped and worse just getting into a strange car posing as a taxi. Public buses are safe. - Dec 2013

We didn't take them much, as we were not supposed to take them. I had visitors who took them with no problem (private taxis). - Oct 2012

The embassy doesn't condone their use. Private drivers are expensive. - Feb 2011

Very confusing. Public transit is infrequent and uncomfortable. - Jan 2011

Buses and taxis are affordable, but are advised only for the expats. - May 2010

NO! Do not use maxi-taxis or buses. You can find a driver for hire through your work place, but if you use public transportation and are not trini, you will be mugged. Most locals are reckless drivers, especially the maxi taxi drivers. Vehicles, maintenance and gasoline are all expensive here. - Nov 2009

No. Get a private driver and use him, if you aren't driving. The cost is low: it is a security issue. Only take taxis from reputed hotels or use private, vouched for drivers. - Mar 2008

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