Buenos Aires - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

The usual big city personal security concerns. During our tour, crime was on the rise as the economy collapsed. Use your home alarm (even though it’s a pain) and lock the doors and gates, even during the day. I heard of several daylight home invasions near the end of our tour in which the robbers simply walked in the unlocked front door. - Apr 2022

Pickpocketing similar to other big cities. Nothing happened to us during this tour though a camera was stolen from my backpack years ago while walking in a touristy area. - Jul 2020

Not outside of normal personal security concerns that one would have in any major international city. - Jul 2019

Typical of a city of this size. Violent crime is on the rise though. - Jun 2015

Yes. Major ones. It's such a shame that this country is going downhill fast because there are so many wonderful aspects about this city. But I don't feel particularly safe in any area of the city. I know a few people who have gotten robbed in pretty normal areas of the city and more violent robberies are prevalent even to other Argentinians in the poorer neighborhoods. As a general safety precaution, be vigilant in neighborhoods south of Avenida de Mayo, and avoid them at night. - Jan 2015

Yes! Crime is escalating here due to the economic woes. The suburbs are especially dangerous and there have been a plethora of issues reported. Living in the city isn't any less dangerous per say but living in an apartment building with 24-hour doormen add an extra layer of security that living in stand-alone suburb housing cannot provide. That being said, if I had school aged children I would think twice about living in the city because I would not want my child in traffic for 45 minutes each way. My concern is not the time on the bus but the risk of car jacking or the bus being forced off the road so that a robbery may be committed. It's happened to families and individuals, but no school buses--yet. - Aug 2014

Many. Crime has increased dramatically and at least once a week some crime is reported among the embassy community or the neighborhood in general. - Aug 2011

Home invasions happen in the suberbs, but I'm not aware of it actually happen to Embassy staff. We have bars on the windows, gates, alarms and roving security. More often, people are victims of circumstance. Pick pockets and car break ins for electronics. - May 2011

Not really. It generally is a bad idea to wear an expensive watch - I have had 3 friends mugged for their Rolexes. In general, the same precautions as any large city, don't carry large amounts of cash on you, don't flash expensive jewelry, don't carry a lot of credit cards, be aware of pickpockets in tourist areas. The other note is auto theft is fairly common, be sure to park in a garage. - Jul 2008

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