Buenos Aires - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Argentines are good at grilling meats. Grilled meats are amazing in Argentina. To me, basically everything else is terrible. The “pizza” is disgusting in my opinion. Having spent my whole life abroad, I’ve had some very bad pizza, including pizza in a remote region of the Philippines where they used ketchup for tomato sauce, but this was worse. We were able to find exactly one decent Indian restaurant, exactly one decent Japanese restaurant (Dashi, don’t bother with the sushi anywhere else), and (ironically) zero decent Mexican or Central American restaurants. - Apr 2022

You can get almost anything delivered (at any time of day or night) through Rappi, Glovo or PedidosYa. They are correctly known for excellent empandas and steaks, though I differ on the praise for the pizza (they don't use tomato sauce for some reason???). You have AMAZING ice cream and dessert options. - Jul 2020

There are TONS of restaurants available here. The go-to food-delivery services are called Rappi or Glovo--for food. One expat I know ordered beer through a delivery service; another orders pints of ice cream. There are pizza deliveries, roast chickens, sushi, and Mexican food; even toothpaste can be delivered from the pharmacy. - Jul 2019

McDonald's, Wendys, KFC and Burger King are here. There are many dining options from cafes to fine dining. Eating out is cheaper than the U.S. for sure. You can get anything delivered here - Burger King even delivers. You can also order over the internet if your Spanish isn't great. - Jun 2015

I've never eaten at any of the Argentinian fast food chains nor the American ones (McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, a few more in the Alto Palermo Mall). In general, eating good fast food here is pretty hard. You can go to most bakeries and buy some ready-made items like "miga" sandwiches but you can make a better sandwich yourself. I do highly recommend the restaurant La Cresta if you ever find yourself in Almagro - fantastic wraps. Baking BA downtown has really solid takeaway salads. I don't eat out too much because I can't afford it but there are a lot of really good sit down restaurants here, as you'd expect in a big city. But there's a lot of mediocre ones too. Have an idea of how good a restaurant is before you go because eating out here is way more expensive than cooking your own food. I also recommend trying all the top "parrilla" joints and deciding which one you like best. Some of the more famous ones are: Parrilla Pena, La Cabrera (really good place to go with people who are visiting the city), Lo de Paka, El Pobre Luis, and La Brigada. However you can get a good steak from most parrillas. - Jan 2015

Tons of restaurants, some variety. Fast food is okay but not the same taste or offerings as the States so we avoid most of them. The cost is also astronomical! - Aug 2014

Everything is available, but it is expensive and going up all the time...25% inflation. - Aug 2011

McDonald's and Burger King are here. A combo is a bit more than US standards (current price is $8 for a combo meal) but the 30% inflation may make this even more expensive. - May 2011

Fast Food - yes but why would you want it? There is a huge amount of good restaurants from very inexpensive parillas to high end gourmet restaurants. - Jul 2008

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