Buenos Aires - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Tons. Soccer (obviously), swimming, horseback riding, field hockey, rugby, basketball, various other sports, dance, gymnastics, martial arts. All the schools have activities and sports. Most anything the schools don’t offer is available locally, but your kids may need to have Spanish to fully participate. If they do have some experience with the language, it’s a great way to increase their exposure and solidify their language skills and meet more friends. - Apr 2022

I believe so although our kiddo wasn't old enough to use many of them at the time. - Jul 2020

Yes. Lots. Some of the after school activities tend to adhere to old-school gender lines, however: field hockey for girls; soccer for boys. However, some of this is changing. This year, for example, there was a girls soccer after school activity offered (for the first time ever!). There is also swimming, volleyball, art classes, music, gymnastic, dance, skating. LOTS! - Jul 2019

Yes. Although soccer reigns supreme, tennis is also very popular. - Jun 2015

Yes. There are specialized clubs (think country clubs or very exclusive YMCA) for kids. Club de Amigos is a popular one in the city but there are others. There are also family type clubs with programs for kids. - Aug 2014

Yes, but we only patronize the school's programs because my kids are somewhat shy. - Aug 2011

Yes, its all here. Many kids particpate in the school sports, but others are taking gymnastics and karate through local programs. - May 2011

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