Buenos Aires - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Argentines are very into exercise and gyms. There are tons of gyms to choose from in every area of town and the suburbs, with varying amenities and fees. The Embassy also has a small gym. Argentines also spend a lot of time exercising outdoors, so there are dedicated outdoor workout areas/machines, lots of exercise classes to join (if you speak enough Spanish to follow), and areas for biking and roller blading. - Apr 2022

The Embassy has a small gym. There are private gyms everywhere though I don't know the cost. I biked to work constantly and so did lots of people who lived farther away than I did. You'll see yoga classes in every park and runners all over the place. - Jul 2020

Very available. Gyms are all over the place as are personal trainers working with clients in the expansive parks here in the city. I'm not sure about the costs. - Jul 2019

Yes but gyms here are very expensive. Most apartment buildings have pools and gyms. - Jun 2015

Yes, as another post said, physical appearance is a big deal here. Because of this, there seems to be a gym on every other corner. Quality can vary, as well as cost. The best "typical" gym here is Megatlon, but for me, it's out of my budget. I do crossfit here and only pay about US$35 a month. - Jan 2015

Everywhere! This is the place if you want to work out. Because of the saturation of facilities, prices are reasonable. I enjoy pilates and am able to take reformer classes 3 times per week for less than US$40 per month. - Aug 2014

Yes, physical appearance is VERY important here. - Aug 2011

The U.S. Embassy has one, but for the monthly fee you could also chose another. Many apartments also have their own gym. - May 2011

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