Buenos Aires - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

I found medical care and resources to be abominable, and it seemed impossible to get a medevac. I found that despite assurances, nothing seemed to be competently and safely done in Buenos Aires. I had surgery at the “best” hospital in the city. The surgeon did not wear gloves or a face mask in the OR while talking to me and touching the surgical tools, just before the nurse putting in my IV accidentally punctured my radial artery and they quickly knocked me out. I have lasting damage from poorly applied anesthesia. - Apr 2022

No particular concerns. I know more than one person who had their baby at post. My spouse had surgery and pre and after care. One of the best health care service systems in Latin America, though some clinics/hospitals are better than others. - Jul 2020

There are no particular health concerns. The quality and availability of medical care here is high. I haven't heard of anyone needing to be medically evacuated from post. - Jul 2019

Health care is good, prompt ambulances are not. You would be better off taking a taxi to the hospital. - Jun 2015

I've had a few friends get pretty bad food poisoning so be careful. Medical care is free to everyone. I can't speak of any personal experience though. - Jan 2015

Hmmm. This a difficult question. The kids under the age of 6 are constantly sick here. They say that's normal, I've been to several doctors, but it doesn't seem right to me. We lived in another post and my daughter had the normal colds but nothing like this. The doctor who seemed most competent to me said I should expect 10 days of increased cold, allergy like symptoms, 10 days where the symptoms decrease, and 10 days of little to no symptoms. Then the cycle would begin again. I've talked to others who have experienced the same. - Aug 2014

Medical care is fine. - Aug 2011

Great medical care. Many chose to stay any have their baby here. - May 2011

Medical care is inexpensive (I was paying $350 pesos a month, so a little over US$100) for premium health care. - Jul 2008

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