Buenos Aires - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes, very much so. The sidewalks, even in the “ritzy” suburbs are torn up and a hazard, with or without disabilities. There aren’t a lot of ramps, but there are a lot of steps. Apartment buildings have elevators. There is nothing in place, to my knowledge, to assist blind or deaf individuals. - Apr 2022

The sidewalks are often horrible (cracks, split level, dog poop literally everywhere, tiles that seem to be in place but when you step on them water splashes up from underneath). - Jul 2020

Maybe. Things are not always wheelchair accessible, for example. Many of the sidewalks are broken and/or cobble-stoned. That said, I have seen blind people walking in the city, and I have seen a few wheelchairs. Buses have seating for wheelchairs, but I'm not sure if there are elevators in the subway system. Throughout the past two years, I have seen improvements in the way the city is trying to modernize and make more accommodations for people with disabilities. - Jul 2019

Yes and no. There are many elevators and the sidewalks have ramps for wheelchairs. However the sidewalks are made from paving stones that are often loose, missing or bulging upward. I would imagine that this would make travel difficult but not impossible for someone in a wheelchair. - Jun 2015

It would be difficult. Most of the sidewalks are horrible and only a few subte (subway) stations have handicap elevators. - Jan 2015

Possibly, depending on the disability. While I have seen some wheelchair ramps and handicap accessibility accommodations, that is not the norm or the law here. - Aug 2014

Sidewalks are broken, few ramps, bathrooms not suitable to wheelchairs. - Aug 2011

Sidewalks are horrible, so getting around in a wheel chair would be nearly impossible. - May 2011

A lot of difficulties - sidewalks tend to be broken up & difficult to traverse. - Jul 2008

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