Buenos Aires - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Good for all I think, unless you need full-time help. Single men and women, regardless of orientation, overall found it easy to date and meet people (again, assuming you are comfortable communicating in Spanish). Great travel opportunities and plenty to do. - Apr 2022

Anyone, really! Imagine the plethora of activities or communities you could find in NY and that's essentially it. I know many single colleagues who dated locals or other expats. Families also always had things to do. - Jul 2020

It's good for all. Buenos Aires is an amazing international city that has a great going-out scene for singles and couples. There are tons of bars and cool restaurants and trendy going-out areas. There are dance clubs and all sorts of theater, music, comedy, and food events. For families, Buenos Aires is the greenest city I've ever seen. There are green spaces all over this city, and families are welcome everywhere: from parks and outdoor spaces to restaurants. The city is very family-friendly, and Argentines are very family-focused, so it feels wonderful to be a family in this city! - Jul 2019

Yes. The city has something for everyone. - Jun 2015

It's great for singles. I think dating here is quite challenging because Argentinian women require a lot of courting but luckily there is a lot of beautiful, interesting people to choose from. Families will probably enjoy their time too. - Jan 2015

All! - Aug 2014

Good for everyone. - Aug 2011

Yes, its great for everyone! Great nightlife, loads of restaurants, many activities to meet all interests. The only downside is that there is so many options, the expat community is not very cohesive. - May 2011

Yes to all of the above. Buenos Aires has options for singles, couples and families. It is a very energetic city with a never-ending list of activities available (especially if you are earning in dollars). It is also easy to meet people. - Jul 2008

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