Dar Es Salaam - Post Report Question and Answers

What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

You will be asked for money by locals frequently. - Jan 2022

How unbelievably hot it can get in the summer. Do not bring any winter clothes unless you're planning a ski trip to Europe for R&R. - May 2020

The "gem of Africa" saying that people throw around is misleading. If you are an AF hand, it may be true. However, if your expectations for life overseas have been shaped off-continent, even in many parts of the developing world, Africa can be uniquely challenging. - Jun 2017

How much fun it was. - Dec 2015

I wish I had known how difficult Dar is for teenagers. On paper, the school looks great and, for those who have lived in difficult places, Dar looks fine. But it's a very difficult place for teenagers. The school is relatively small; many of the kids have been in Dar for several years so there is a bit of exclusivity (not as much as in Latin America); if your kid does a sport other than those offered, no dice; there's not much for them to do socially- some drink and smoke pot, I've heard, but if your kid is not one of those then … they're pretty bored. Academically, the school is OK but not stellar, and the teachers are very nice but not hugely inspiring. Not a great way to end their high school career. - Jul 2015

Bad power problems (invest in some good surge protectors) and bad-smelling water. Also, the chicken tastes like fish. - Mar 2014

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