Dar Es Salaam - Post Report Question and Answers

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There are many cool things to do here, I’d definitely recommend coming for Safari or Kilimanjaro but I’d pass on relocating to Tanzania. - Jan 2022

For work: Tanzania is only really important as it relates to the aid/development/public health. From a POL/ECON/SEC perspective, it doesn't merit significant time/attention from Washington. (Nor should it, I suppose). Don't underestimate the lingering distrust from the Cold War (US and TZ were on opposite sides); Tanzania's unwillingness to be seen as giving into Western demands (wether they are good ideas or not doesn't really matter); the resentment from the foreign aid dependency cycle; and the numerous issues associated with the general relationship dynamic we have established wherein the aid money continues to flow in almost entirely decoupled from our policy goals and despite significant regression on priority issues by the Tanzanian government.

Also, the government continues to talk about moving the capitol to Dodoma. (They have been talking the same non-sense for decades, so who knows if it will ever actually happen). However, if the Embassy does ever move to Dodoma, I would not accept an assignment there. It is a fine, small African town...in the middle of nowhere, literally hours from anything to do, and with all of three restaurants at which to eat. It may improve over time, but it will be decades before it offers anything like the amenities of life in Dar. (And you can't move the ocean...so, that will be an issue). - Jun 2017

Tanzania has a special place in my heart and I miss it every day. It is a country that consumes you and your senses. I would not have it any other way. - Dec 2015

You are on the beautiful Indian Ocean but DO NOT be deceived by all you read up on before you go. There are NO local beaches on the peninsula (well, only one but we are not allowed to use it). You WILL have to drive at least 30 minutes or take a ferry to get to any beach to enjoy. - Feb 2013

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