Dar Es Salaam - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Yes, mostly petty crimes of opportunity, but there are I've heard of sometimes violent crimes and kidnappings with a tour of all the ATMs to drain your bank account. - Jan 2022

Crime is very high. Mostly grab and go. Do not carry valuables. - Oct 2021

Yes, this Post is Critical for Crime & High for Terrorism. Your house or compound will have 9 foot walls with barbed wire & a 24-hour guard on-site. Muggings & Car Break-ins are common after dark. You'll get in the habit of lock your car doors the moment you get in each day. Most restaurants & shops have security watching your car though, tip them $1 when you leave. You're strongly advised to never walk anywhere after dark. Just use Freddie or Uber and be smart. - May 2020

High crime rate. Travel on foot, particularly at night, is not advisable. Most of the crime to date has been property based (robbery, smash and grab, etc). - Jun 2017

high crime post so you have to be vigilant at all times, RSO discourages walking along the side of the road or carrying big bags. - Dec 2015

Yes. Dar is a big crime threat post. RSO requires all visitors staying over 2 weeks to attend the weekly security briefing. All residences have 24-7 guards, high walls, razor wire, barred windows, and alarms. Even with this, crime happens. Every few months an attempted home break-in occurs (though they're usually not successful). RSO issues a quarterly security report detailing security incidences related to the Embassy. There is a FB group called something like "I've been a victim of crime in Dar" so that all expats can know about possible threats. You have to be constantly aware of your surroundings and take precautions. Crime, however, is not usually violent (meaning that anyone is seriously injured or killed), though I have known several people who have been jumped and beaten up a bit. Walking and running on the peninsula is fine; and going out at night is OK if you're careful. - Jul 2015

Yes. All the houses have a guard, security bars, and alarms. Always be aware of your surroundings and don't ever carry a bag/purse/backpack while walking on the street. Many people have been hurt when thieves drive by in a car and try to snatch the bag from an unsuspecting walker. Never carry huge amounts of cash and keep a good hold of your smart phone. - Mar 2014

Yes, many muggings, and the house break-ins are getting worse. The biggest problem is that most break-ins are inside jobs from the security company the embassy uses (KK Security)and they don't fire the guards after they are caught. - Feb 2013

As in most African countries, petty crimes are becoming more common, especially crimes of opportunity. Use common sense, keep windows up, and don't leave items lying out in your car. There was also a rash of drive-by purse snatchings before we left Dar, where some women were injured when a car would drive by and someone would try to pull a woman's purse off her shoulders. Home invasions were uncommon, but they did happen. Violent crimes were not common, but when walking downtown, or by yourself, it is important to remain alert to your surroundings. - Feb 2013

Muggings happen at Coco beach or downtown, but only when you obviously are carrying something. I jogged most days and was never hassled. - Aug 2011

Yes - theft at knifepoint is on the rise. Unfortunately, walking along the beach is not recommended due to crime. Crime inside the homes is common, but most often it is a result of unsupervised hired help. It can be avoided with monitoring. - Jun 2010

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