Dar Es Salaam - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the air quality like at post (good/moderate/bad)? Are there seasonal air quality issues? Does the air quality have an impact on health?

Good air quality. - Jan 2022

Generally good, five-minute walk to the ocean and the bay. No air issues that I know about. - Oct 2021

No issues. - May 2020

I haven't noticed any significant health impact. - Jun 2017

moderate, there is a great sea breeze to clean the air out, but most of the pollution is from car exhaust. - Dec 2015

Moderate. Only when doing a long walk on the local roads (not peninsula) is there much dust. - Jul 2015

No bad air quality where most of the expats live. Sometimes, a neighbor will burn trash, but the smoke doesn't last very long. - Mar 2014

Air quality off the peninsula is bad with traffic and trash burning. On the peninsula (where the majority of expats live) is only bad when they are burning trash next door. - Feb 2013

In downtown Dar, the air quality was probably moderate, due to the many old cars, polluting buses, etc. You also have to be careful about the beaches you choose to swim at, because some of the beaches have raw sewage dumped near them. Dar Yacht Club (DYC) is a safe beach, as are the beaches just north and south of the city center. - Feb 2013

Great- most expats live on the Msasani peninsula, or otherwise by the sea, so consistent ocean breezes blow away the smog from the horrible traffic, roaring generators, and burning trash. - Aug 2011

If you live on or near the peninsula, as most expats/govt employees do, the ocean breeze blows away most of the dust/pollution that is otherwise prevalent further inland. - Jun 2010

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