Dar Es Salaam - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Pay and ocean. - Jan 2022

It's an easy living, laid back Post. The Tanzania people are warm & friendly. - May 2020

Domestic help is cheap, though the skill set is not on par with one gets in Asia. Beach access. Short commute. As most folks who have served in AF say, the embassy community was great. We made many friends here and most folks are incredibly welcoming. The USEMB population in Dar is big, so most folks can find their niche. - Jun 2017

LOTS of opportunities for: going to the beach, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, safaris - Jul 2015

The weather is hot and beautiful. The safaris are expensive, but fantastic. Friendly people, gorgeous beaches, great seafood, and tropical fruit. Yes, one can save some money, but groceries are expensive. - Mar 2014

Safaris (although they are extremely expensive) and the beautiful Indian Ocean. - Feb 2013

Ocean living with nice beaches, water sports, and Dar Yacht Club. There are excellent travel opportunities within the country and to Zanzibar and offshore islands, as well as Safari country and mountains in the north. Serengeti is one of the best places to do a Safari in the world, and Tanzania has a well-developed tourist industry, particularly in the north. - Feb 2013

Safaris, particularly access to the less traveled and utterly fantastic Southern Circuit (Ruaha, Mikumi and the Selous). it is worth it to go to the Northern Circuit (Serengeti, Ngorongoro, etc.) once to see the migration, but in the north there will be an average of 30 cars to every lion. In the south you'll see 30 lions for every car. Also fabulous beaches, Zanzibar islands, Mafia islands (whale sharks) and world-class scuba diving. - Aug 2011

If you can afford the Yacht Club (currently $1500/family to join and $70 monthly) and if you can get membership, it has many opportunities for sailing, diving and fishing. Safaris and trips to Zanzibar are great fun but also costly. - Jun 2010

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