Dar Es Salaam - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

If 100 mbps is fast enough for you then your all set, roughly $100 usd per month. - Jan 2022

Yes, not long to install. Day or two. - Oct 2021

Everyone uses Zuku and they're pretty good - costs 100,000 tsh a month. - May 2020

Yes. Smile, 4G coverage. Unlimited-ish high speed available for less than 100 USD per month. - Jun 2017

Yes, I used smile and it was US$120 per month or whenever you finish your 20Gs - Dec 2015

Yes, but it is costly. There are a variety of services; ask people when you arrive to find out which is currently preferred. - Jul 2015

Yes (not that fast), but expensive. We pay about US$100 a month. - Mar 2014

Internet is very expensive and unreliable. There are many competing companies, but it seems several are down more than they are up. The speed is average on a good day. Streaming leaves a lot to be desired. Most you recharge by scratch cards. - Feb 2013

Yes, but Internet was one of the biggest frustrations and expensive. The cell companies sell the USB "dongle" modems that can be expensive and a bit slow at times. We purchased home DSL Internet through TTCL, which is the main DSL provider. We were heavy downloaders and wanted extra speed, so ended up paying about US$200 per month. - Feb 2013

Internet got significantly better with the advent of the SeaCom cable, however it remained very expensive... all providers price by kilobyte used (both up and down loaded), so even though the bandwidth is now good enough to download a movie, you'll end up paying a fortune for it! 3G modems are fast and very convenient. I used one exclusively for my home internet use and was amazed to be able to get online in pretty remote parts of the country. - Aug 2011

Internet is still limited and expensive (4G for $85/month). - Jun 2010

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