Dar Es Salaam - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Not if I had a better option. - Jan 2022

Yes, its been fun. - Oct 2021

Yes! Dar is Africa-lite, you can live a very comfortable expat life here. - May 2020

It would depend on my other options. If the other options were in Africa, then yes, this is better than most. If you have the option to be off the continent, then I would likely take it (with obvious exceptions...looking at you Bangladesh!). We made some great friends and saw a few things once can only see in Africa, but I don't see us coming back to AF. - Jun 2017

Absolutely YES ! - Dec 2015

Not sure. - Jul 2015

Yes. I am glad we came. We have some wonderful memories, but 3 years was enough. If you are really not into water sports, you might get bored here. - Mar 2014

Yes, but I'd be better prepared. It is VERY frustrating to first get settled in. There are a lot of challenges but once you get the system down and learn to live with the quirks, all is good. - Feb 2013

Yes, generally a good post. Definitely some frustration, but a good experience. The key is getting out of the city and finding activities on weekends. - Feb 2013

In a heartbeat! - Aug 2011

Yes. - Jun 2010

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